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Toor Dal

The Aromatic Toor Dal is the Pigeon Pea, a lentil with yellow interior is a staple food.

Urad Dal/Gola

Urad Dal is a Black gram / seed with a white interior. It is used in making idli and dosa.

Channa dal - (Bengal Gram Dal)

The delicious split baby chickpeas that are polished it is delicious & nutritious.

Kabuli Chana - (Chick Peas)

It is rich in protein & is the key ingredient in making of channa masala.

Brown Chana - (Desi Chick Peas)

Brown Chana is gluten-free, healthy and highly nutritious channa.

Green Moong

Moong bean is green from outside and yellow from inside.It is rich in protein & nutrients.

Moong Dal

Green Moong is hulled & is split to reveal the yellow bean,is storehouse of health benefits.

Masoor Dal - (Red lentils)

Masoor Dal is also known as red lentils.It is an edible legume.

Green Dried Peas

Green Dried Peas are made by harvesting the fresh fully matured pea pods.

Horse gram

Horse Gram

It is the most nutritious pulse that is high in protein-rich lentil and high in energy.

Kala Massoor

Kala Masoor is the seeds grow in pods, one of the earliest crops domesticated as a staple food crop.

Red Karamani

Red Karamani

The nutritional benefit of Red Karmani is a good source of potassium, magnesium & soluble fibre.

Red Rajma

Red Rajma

Red Rajma is popularly known as the Red Kidney Bean because its shape & colour is like kidney.

White Karamani

White Karamani

Cow gram is the other name for White Karamani which is a black-eyed pea, it is small & smooth.

White Rajma

White Rajma

Uttarakhand is home to hundred varieties of best quality Rajma. It is known as the cannellini beans.


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