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Food Valley Impex LLP is well-equipped to service the overseas markets through a State-of-the-art food processing and packing plant in Mumbai, dedicated for export orders. The plant is equipped with an advanced BUHLER (Switzerland) food processing systems, which includes ;

A Classifier - to remove all the impurities from the grains, efficiently.

A Whitener -for whitening, by removing the brown husk of the rice to turn it into white.

Silky Polisher - to polish the surface of the rice grains with water, turning the surface of the rice into a shiny texture.

Thick and thin grader -to grade the rice grains according to their thickness, which is separated on the basis of polished and brown rice.

Length Grader -to separate the shorter / broken grains from the whole grains by virtue of its length.

Colour Sorter -contains s Colour Contaminant Detector that helps to detect the grains according to their colours and sort them through mechanical ejectors.

De-stoners -to separate fine foreign particles from the grains, including mud, stones and dirt.

The food processing plant also comprises advanced FFS Multi-Head Weight automatic packaging machines, to ensure quality, consistency and speed. The packing units offer a flexibility of packing from 500 grams to 50Kgs based on the product and the client’s requirements.

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